In Studio Classes For Individual Or Groups

Owner, Greg LeFrancis has worked with clay from grade school on. Taking a creative art class in high school got him started on creating monsters, dragons, aliens and other unusual creations. He’s worked with both air dry and kiln fired clay and took classes to learn how to throw clay on the wheel from Thom Bumblauskas at Clay Arts Vegas. His current passion is making aliens and other monsters from clay. Wanting to expand on his repertoire and create mixed media creations, he took a flameworking lesson with Robert Shields at Studio Royale in Las Vegas. He liked it so much that he completed the entire series of lessons and graduated with his certificate of completion in 2014. He continued with his flameworking, learning from videos, webinars, and taking classes from Eli and Josh Mazet, Suellyn Fowler, Kimo, Hugh and John Kabuki to name a few. Wanting to pursue his passion further without interruption, he sold his nine to five business and went to work on establishing LeFrancis Studios. During a trip to Seattle, WA in summer of 2017, he took several glassblowing lessons to experience the art of furnace work. Loving glassblowing as much as clay and flameworking, he took additional lessons while traveling to California to learn different techniques.

The studio features both flameworking and glassblowing facilities. Come on down and join us for a lesson, if you’re interested in learning the art of flameworking or glassblowing. If you’re an experienced glass worker, but don’t have the equipment, rent some studio time to make your own creations.

Tom LeFrancis, the LeFrancis patriarch and co-owner, painted with oil paint in his younger years focusing mainly on English and southwest art. Being waylaid for many years by career and family, he has recently taken up the brush again. His favorite creations are churches and structures of different eras, he enjoys painting animals, southwest art, scenery and even a dragon or two.